Welcome to Empathic Healing! I am an empath, psychic, and lightworker who has decided to develop these gifts in order to guide others in a variety of ways. If you feel drawn to me and this site then I maybe able to help you on your path…

What I Offer

I am working on my first online course called:

Invest in Your Intuition

The Beginner’s Guide to Automatic Writing and Claircognizance

You can also Read My New Blog Decondition, and my work at my other website Kyna’s Way.

Note: I am suspending work on this blog, my courses, and social media accounts until at least July 2017.

I am increasing my working hours during the next few months. To look after my back during this time I am cutting out all non-essential computer time, so I can still rest and meditate enough to look after myself. I’m going to use this time as a kind of online retreat as it’s becoming clear this is something I need right now. So if you contact me during this time (beyond email) I may not get back to you until I return to the online world again. Happy 2017 everyone and see you soon! Kyna 😀

My Story

I’ve spent the last 17 years working within the IT industry and although I have a talent for coding it has never satisfied me on a soul level. At the start of 2016 I began opening up about my gifts and my journey as a lightworker, a process that has brought me more in touch with my true self. I believe I am now coming to a point in my life where I need to prepare for a career change at last.

For sometime I have been asking my higher self for guidance in making this transition, as it has not been clear what direction I should go in. I knew I wanted to do something that fulfilled my soul, and made use of my gifts, but I didn’t know what form this would take. In August 2016 I was inspired to consider looking into the field of emphatic healing. This lead me to investing in an Intuitive Awakening course by Anna Sayce.

In the process of working my way through this course I discovered a strong drive to start creating my own online courses. At the same time I learnt that automatic writing and claircognizance were related. I realised the reason my claircogniznce abilities were so strong was because I had been practicing automatic writing for 16 years. When I made that connection I knew I had an opportunity to share my story and experience with everyone.

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