I recently wrote on my blog Kyna’s Way that I felt a big change was about to hit my life. I knew it was going to hit at least one of the big three: my love life, my home, or my career. In 2016 I have been dealing with all my old baggage, both from this life and my life as Kyna. I saw layers of my ego striped away. I had to learn to be willing to let go of anything. It left me wondering if there was anything left of my life and what was coming next. I had to learn to live with that uncertainty and to trust my soul. I found I had faith in my higher self, and even if I couldn’t see the big picture now – it would make sense given enough time.

When I began to come out of my Dark Night of the Soul process I found myself searching for my next path, my next story to tell with the movement of my soul. I think it took me so long to find it because I never considered myself a healer, nor that I could become one. I was blind to that avenue in my life. I have problems with my feet and back and I’ve suffered from deep depression during my early years. So I seemed like I was the last candidate on Earth for such a career path. Any time I helped someone else it was out of genuine compassion and empathy towards them and their situation. It just happened. Yet, to misquote Derek Sivers: what is oblivious to you is amazing to others.

On my way to work one day in August 2016 I found myself thinking about the dream I had had the night before. Whilst astral traveling I helped to break a long standing curse for someone who I have met several times during my dreams. Seeing how much good I was able to do in that moment made me re-evaluate the idea of being a healer and developing my psychic gifts to do so.

It made me look back on all the positive waves I had sent out into the world, both in the the awakened and dream state. The ones I hadn’t recognised or discounted for one reason or another. I started to realise that I had an opportunity to do some good whilst allowing certain natural gifts to develop in the process.

I started playing with words and ways to define this new direction, and after my second attempt ‘Empathic Healing’ popped into my head. I looked up the term online and found many articles that overlapped with my gifts and experiences and I knew this was how I wanted to describe it. It resonated with me on a deep level. I choose ’empathic’ over say ‘intuitive’ because, whilst I was trying to deny my gifts, empathy was the one trait that never left me. It was a core gift that seemed to intersect with all the others. I had lost touch with my intuitive side when I got all caught up in the world and other peoples opinions. Empathy was my rock. It is what kept me sane in an insane world. It was the one part of myself I could not give up even if I tried.

So although I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, and I have to focus on healing and developing myself first before I am able to help others, I know what direction I’m going in at last. This is a problem that I have been struggling to solve for a long time, which has left me stuck in an IT career that I knew I had to leave behind one day. I don’t know what all the steps will be but knowing there is a change on the horizon is all I need right now. I trust what is meant to be will be, whether this is just a stepping stone in the process or the end goal.

Learn more about my story by Reading My About Page.


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