2016 had it all didn’t it? Perception of time speeding up or slowing down, accelerated energies bombarding us every month, the clearing of past pain over and over again, major life changes, and the awakening of many souls upon Mother Earth.

For me it was the year everything changed and I rediscovered myself. When I dared to admit to my empathic, psychic, and lightworker experiences. When I learned to have faith and follow the flow of my soul no matter where it took me, instead of letting ego rule the roost. Here is my recap of how my soul and my higher self led me through this crazy year:

January 2016

It started in January when I had a vivid dream about ascension and I felt for a little while the high vibration it took to reach the fifth dimension and beyond. I had only become aware of the ascension process happening on Earth a couple of months earlier – so I was still in new territory in my awakening.

This dream had occurred just two days after I had a powerful claircognizance experience that gave me the confidence to admit to myself that I had been channeling my “past life” as Kyna, and my higher self, when I had been writing for the past 15 years. This experience floored me and I just couldn’t run from this side of myself anymore – this was real.

Something began brewing inside of me that week that just had to come out and that is when I decided to begin building my first blog Kyna’s Way. I think I knew then that 2016 was going to be a stand out year and I wanted to journal it. I knew it could be helpful to others as they were awakening and not just as an outlet for all those words I had kept to myself for so long.

February 2016

I launched the website and published my first two blog posts on Kyna’s Way. I set up a Google+ profile and began searching for others  who were writing and curating content on ascension and being a lightworker. I knew that reaching out to others in the same boat, and giving them a confidence boost too, was just as important as my writing. I found Mikael CamKatrina Pfannkuch, Denise Le Fay among others listed on my Links page. I read everything I could and began curating their content on Google+. I wanted to share all the wonderful insights they had in the hope it would inspire others during their awakening.

March – April 2016

During these two months I had to face the fact I had too much on my plate and I felt overwhelmed by my workload. I had to sit down and re-evaluate what was important to me and take some time to listen to my inner voice. Taking on the extra work of building my website on top of everything else had taken it’s toll, but because I knew this was something I had to do it required a stock take of the other demands in my life.

This is why I didn’t publish anything on my blog during these months as I had to take time out to wrap up other projects so I could let them go. I found that the April portal energies in particular were strong and I had to process what it brought up and its affect on my body and mind.

May 2016

This was a big month for me. Not only was it my birthday, but it was a time of great positive energy; delivered in such a way that I could handle it. I was glowing from the inside out. I felt on cloud nine that month, even though I was learning about how my past life as Kyna was still impacting me.

It was also an important time in my life according to Soul Theory as I had hit Peek Oracle: a transition in my soul that helped give me the tools to settle into this new lighter ‘me’ that was forming from the embers of my old self. I wrote about this for the first time on my blog, something I had never shared before with anyone.

When I posted that on my blog my heart began racing because I knew I had put myself out there in a vulnerable way by showing my truth – that I was aware of more than just this lifetime and this taught me things unknown to many in this world. I received a lot of encouragement in response to my post. I decided then to release all my work on Soul Theory that I had recovered; and not confine it to just a small introduction.

June 2016

By the June portal I had finished composing my eight part Beginners Guide to Soul Theory and released it to the world. It felt like I had just accomplished something huge and it was a big relief to no longer be carrying that weight inside me anymore.

This coincided with a holiday and I had some time to delve within and look at some difficult issues that were coming up for processing. The summer solstice kicked started a Dark Night of the Soul process that would continue through the whole of July. I was re-evaluating all the big things in my life and the happy bubble I had been in during May popped.

July 2016

July was a hard month to bare. Not only was I still in this Dark Night of the Soul process but I was having an identity crisis. I wasn’t sure who I was any more. I felt that all the things I had once known for sure were shifting. I was groundless. I had to stop identifying myself as the “Doer”. I had to stop deciding how I felt about myself based on my accomplishments, because I felt like I was treading water and getting no where. It was like my identity was slipping through my hands like sand.

This was also the month that rocked my world – and not in the good way. My husband’s doctors suspected that he had a rare form of cancer (which is now confirmed). We had to start a long diagnostic process that would continue until November.

The uncertainty shook my world because I couldn’t focus. Dealing with the unknown was eating me up inside and it felt like it turned my world upside down. All I wanted was for time to speed up so we could get to the next appointment to see if they could answer any of my questions. So of course my perception of time slowed down.

I was so tired by life that all I wanted to do was sleep. This triggered some intense dreams and astral experiences and when I woke I felt shell shocked. I had to ask my spirit guides to reduce how much I remembered, because going from the astral plane to being awake was giving me a kind of jet lag. This was making my everyday life difficult because all I wanted to do was go straight back to sleep as my brain wasn’t ready to return to 3D yet. My life was just too difficult that I didn’t need to make it any harder by being torn between two worlds.

August 2016

On the first of August I felt like I started to get some clarity again. The fog of the Dark Night of the Soul lifted and I could reconnect with joy and the light again. I took a big swing in the opposite direction. For about a week or so I felt the light again and the flow of my soul. I was in tune with life; even though I was still shaken up about what was going on at home. There was room for perspective to sink in and so I was able to write about what had just happened to me.

This was also the month when I started to get guidance on how I could shift the direction of my work to help bring about a potential career change. Through inspiration I moved my blog to WordPress to make the process of publishing easier for me and to change my blog’s name to Empathic Healing. At the time I was considering getting into some form of healing such as Reiki, Pranic or Psychic Healing, but this soon shifted focus after it led me to buy a course on Intuitive Awakening by Anna Sayce. The twists and turns of this month were leading me to realise I wanted to create my own courses. Those initial ideas were there to led me in this new direction and to find it I had to jump through a series of stepping stones that I had to leave behind as soon as I found them.

September 2016

This is the month I published my first blog post at Empathic Healing. I wanted to explain why I came up with the new name and to record my current thoughts on where this inspiration was taking me. I had a feeling that this direction might change so it was good to capture a snapshot of my feelings at the time. I also described for the first time my energy cycles as an empath in a career that causes a lot of Electrostress.

At the end of this month, I began looking into the technical aspects required to host courses online. So the first thing I needed to learn is how to deliverer my content. This led me to evaluate various options and the course creation provider I felt most in alignment with was Thinkific.

At the same time I was pondering what I could teach. It came to me after reading an article by Anna Sayce that linked automatic writing to the development of claircognizance. Even though I had been denying my psychic abilities for years they had found a way to creep through regardless. For so many years I thought I was writing a science fiction series, when in fact I had been tapping into my lifetime as Kyna and the people I knew then via my higher self. I realised that the reason my intuition was so good was because I had invested so much time in automatic writing as a way to channel my higher self and spirit guides. When all these pieces fell into place I knew I had a chance to help people get back in touch with their intuition.

I found Thinkific and my niche all within a day or two of each other. I have no doubt this synchronicity was guidance from my higher self. I had been asking for help in working out a new direction for my career for such a long time – that it was such a relief to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though I am grateful for everything my IT career has given me I’ve known for a long time it wasn’t going to be my primary focus until the end of my days. I knew a change was coming but I just didn’t know what form it was going to take. Seeing this all unfold was a beautiful moment – where everything fell into place and the relief of clarity set in. This was something I needed when pressure at work was heating up due to deadlines on the horizon and confusion over my husband’s diagnosis was wearing me out.

October 2016

When I could see an end to the project that was causing me stress at work I also began coming to peace with the uncertainty over my husband’s prognosis. It became clear he was a rare case of a rare condition so the chance I would get satisfactory answers to my questions were low. I had to live with knowing that I was helpless to do anything about it and his death could hit me at any time. This helped me lighten up a bit after feeling overwhelmed.

This was a month where I got to ponder a lot about positive and negative thoughts, the nature of light and dark and how it affects me. This taught me that this ascension process wasn’t just about going from dark to light in a straight line, it was learning to swing back and forth between the two until it settles out. Realising this was the way it works also gave me some renewed faith in the chaotic flow of my soul.

Another thing that came up for examination was my feelings around the loneliness I’ve felt about not being able to open up to my husband about my ascension process. This combined with his cancer diagnosis were two things that were difficult to reconcile. This was a big thing for me, as I had been holding back about admitting this – knowing that the information would be out there for him to find. There was a part of me that felt torn and uncertain if I was doing the right thing. Writing about this loneliness brought me in touch with others who were going through the same thing. It made me realise on a deeper level that I’m not alone and there are many people around the world working hard to raise their frequency too.

November 2016

I had been looking forward to November because I had been seeing 11:11 (among other number combinations) almost every day for months. I knew something big was going to happen but it was nothing like I expected. Four and half years ago I went through a difficult but empowering experience, that helped to release a lot of pain around my deepest soul wound.

I thought I had finished with that old scar, but the night of 11th of November I had a dream that opened up that wound again. It took me about three days to deal with the tension it triggered in my body and the blockages in my chakras. It was like every last bit of pain was being wrung from my body so that I could finally stop defining myself by that old karma and leave it behind. The whole thing knocked me on my ass. As difficult as it was I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m so glad I went through it. I’m now in a much better place because I can rise above it for the first time. I feel like I’m in a new space, a new person. Able to create beyond the pain I had held onto for so long.

This month I also decided to expand my social media reach by signing up to LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. I did this as part of a video module to help me get started with the courses I was working on. They suggested to find people who have an overlap in interests and outlook whom you could get feedback from whilst designing your course. This brought me in contact with many amazing people and with a group of empaths and lightworkers that I feel privileged to be a part of. It was amazing some of the connections I made by doing this.

I also came across some information on astral projection that helped me make sense of my experiences. I’ve never understood how I moved back and forth from the astral realms, because it just tended to happen when it happened. I knew I had been astral travelling a lot more in the last month or so because I could remember that my dreams were in black and white. I also noticed that I stopped experiencing so much pain or fear during the process – my emotions being much calmer and straightforward. I felt like some of my astral travelling had been quite significant. However my memory was still quite limited – as this hadn’t improved much since I asked for a break back in July.

December 2016

Although the month is not over it has become clear that the message I’m getting this month is to pull back and take care of myself. At first I got overwhelmed after introducing myself to the Facebook group I joined. I felt blasted with such a warm and positive welcome that I became wired by the attention (energy) and couldn’t sleep or shut off my mind. At the same time I felt warn out, it was almost as if it were a portal day – it was that intense.

Then shortly after this, when I was just getting over that, I became sick and had to put myself first to get better. I unplugged from email, social media, and my laptop. I spent a lot of this time to myself using my imagination to tap into my little corner of the new 5D earth. I visualised what I would want it to look like and who I would want to be with me. And beyond that – a world run by 5D sensibilities: love, compassion, and abundance. This is one way I pull back from this 3D world, to reduce how much attention (and energy) I give it.

My astral travelling also turned up a notch. Now if I concentrate hard as soon as I wake up I can remember a good chunk of what happened. I’m finding that regardless if I remember or not that it’s hard to wake up again in the mornings. Being in my 3D body feels so dense for the first few hours in the morning. I’m also finding my self nod off during the day – even when I’m not tired. It’s as if a part of me wants to be in the astral plane – whether I want to be or not.

I’ve even had an astral experience where I was outside of my astral body looking back at myself. I noticed that the image I was projecting was Kyna’s and not that of the body I inhabit during 3D. I’m finding the more I look at myself in the mirror the more the image I see feels less like me. It’s like I’m not identifying with my 3D body anymore. I’m also finding the need to eat a lot more to keep me grounded in my body. Sometimes I feel I’m this close to just floating away.

I think the energy of December, with the 12:12 portal and winter solstice coming up, is about preparing us for what is to come in 2017. It has a lighter feel to it, but no less intense. I think these recent astral experiences have been a part of preparing me for this too. Although I have no idea what to expect from 2017 I can tell already that by this time next year we will have gone through a whole world of change once more.

I’m taking stock this month, because my higher self knows I’m going to need my strength and energy. I look forward to seeing where the flow of my soul takes me in the year to come. I don’t know how I’m going to get where I’m going, but if I continue to trust my intuition, I will be who I need to be and end up exactly where I am needed. No matter how many “detours” get me there.



How has 2016 been for you? What are your expectations for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

If I don’t see you beforehand, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Reflections on 2016: Following the Flow of My Soul Through the Year of Transition

  1. Dear Kyna…
    First of all my prayers sent away your husband…
    Hope he cured and live longlife in healthy .
    Thank you for let us read your diary of 2016..
    I enjoyed reading it even to be honest I don’t know much about chakra, I have to search more about Kyna and chakra,..

    Have a great journey in 2017
    Happy New Year ❤


    1. Hi Vera,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post 🙂

      Yeah I’m still learning about the chakras but in 2016 I got to know them better on a personal level. I was better able to sense when they were blocked, being cleared and repaired, and just them ticking over normally. You can see a bit of inspiration on this at: https://dk.pinterest.com/kynasway/ – there is a chakras board on there. Hope it helps.


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