On the mid-point of the year I’ve felt inspired to do an update post about some of the crazy changes that have occurred in my life so far in 2017. If you have read my home page recently you will have seen that I put up a notice about withdrawing from being online for a while. This was for many reasons, but mostly because my heart and higher self directed it. I had to focus more on my physical life as it was being transformed into something new. I’ve also been experiencing back issues, which has required I retreat from the computer to heal myself.

In 2017 a huge shift took place in my life once again. Over the first half of the year a lot of new things were starting to take shape, as a new life began to take form. New possibilities within IT showing up, new directions for my career change, investing more in my home life, and caring for myself at a higher level. To begin with it was shifting around so much that I didn’t feel I was ready to commit to saying anything in my blog. In fact the urge to write had been almost entirely absent.

In June 2017 things started to become clear. I found my new direction, but I wasn’t sure how that was going to connect with what I had started on this blog (as well as my new blog Decondition). There were no dotted lines to follow. It felt like I had several pieces of the puzzle but none of them fitted together. Then I had the idea to make Empathic Healing (which I had thought I would out phase) into my light bearer blog, and Decondition into my shadow working blog. This way no matter what energy I was experiencing I could express both online. Then things started to make sense again.

I also decided that I wanted to make a shift in my career away from IT and towards caring for birds in my local area. The process of leading up to that decision caused a lot of things to shift in my life as the ascension energies intensified. So although I plan to continue to write about my experiences of awakening with the intent to help others on the path, this blog will now re-focus the empathic healing side of things towards animals, and in particular birds; whom I’ve shared a strong kinship with since I was young. They have been a big influence in the expansion of my heart center, which is relevant to the ascension process.

This decision caused me to re-write this website a little to update it with all the changes going on. So if you haven’t read any of the pages on this site in a while then they have likely changed since you last read them.

Although I’ve summarised above what has been going on in my life, it covers only the tip of the iceberg compared to the highs and lows of this year. Although the “lows” have been of a higher order, and so are not as devastating as previous experiences. The “lows” are more focused on the unsettling affects of change and stepping into my power to become my true authentic self again, rather than the huge emotional clearing I was doing in 2016. That is still going on of course, but it’s impact has lessened since the after affects of clearing that huge soul wound last November had passed.

The energy waves have been knocking me out though, especially the solstice. I got hit early by the energies and they continued until the new moon had passed. I’m starting to get myself back together now. This combined with my back issues has taught me to how to look after myself better, and to make sure I don’t loose myself in the big picture of my life. This is especially important when you move into a caring position. This is part of my ascension training to become an empathic animal healer. When a lot of critters depend on you, you need to be sure you are in good condition too.

This is why I’ve not been on social media much and have suspended work on my online course for now. I need to focus on building the foundation of my new life. This is what 2017 seems to be all about. Once that is in place it will be interesting to see where the writing energies take me. If I only write when the urge to arises then I know that I’m in alignment with my heart and soul path. So I ask that you bare with me as I sort all this out. If something important comes up that I have the time, energy, and will to write about then you will see a new post on this blog (or on Decondition).

Until then my friends I wish you well on your own paths…


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