I’ve had a long string of important dreams of late, many of which I wish I had the time and energy to write down and share. Two of the dreams in the last month were different sides of the same coin. They tested me in both the negative/lower frequency space as well as the opposite: a kind of sandbox of light.

The Dark Test

The first dream was the negative one. It was a test to see if any unresolved pain that resided in me was enough to attract negative people and situations. The dream presented as a day out with one of my cousins. We had gone shopping and had stopped in a cafe for a drink at some point. We were sitting outside and there were several streets and houses around us. Even though the conversation I was having with my cousin was pleasant, and I was having fun, I knew all around me stood darkness.

There were people in the street watching us from afar. There were dark things going on behind many of the closed doors around me – that I could see in my mind’s eye. I knew there were men sizing us up as additions to their sex slave industry. I knew there were many that were waiting for my frequency to drop to the lower levels so they could step in and take what they wanted.

Despite knowing all this, and having a past that could have attracted these entities into my reality, I did not on this occasion. I completed the cafe visit without incident and was able to keep my vibe high throughout. As a result none of the beings that wanted to do harm to me where able to. This was a test of remaining in the light when all around me (and my cousin) was darkness. When I awoke I sensed that I had passed that test with flying colours. It also showed me how far I had healed myself.

The Light Test

The second dream was almost like a class reunion. I was meeting up with other light workers that had woke in the same ripple of time as I did. We were in a dream space that responded to our imagination with no time lag, but the weight of our belief determined the possibility of our thoughts manifesting. It took a little while before we discovered that these were the “rules of the game”, so to speak, but we got there.

I remember one point in the dream someone had come to tell me something, as I had wondered off from the group. I decided in that moment that rather than standing I would do a small jump and hover in the air. Flying and hovering is something I’ve been able to do in many dreams since I was a young child. The look I got when the man talking to me realised that this was possible: that we didn’t have to extend the limitations of the dense physical world into this dream space. That we could bend and break the rules. His silent realisation was priceless. I felt that I got through to him on a level that mere words could not have expressed.

In another moment a member of the group opened a window and there was sea outside of it. You could jump into the water from the window. I motioned the others to follow me and as I jumped I imaged myself turning into a mermaid with scales made of diamonds. Then my body transformed as I headed into the ocean. It happened like a wave that went across my body and changed every cell into what it needed to be. As I went under water I took a huge breath and found I could breathe. At this point I felt the peak of understanding that this was a playground for us all to enjoy.

This dream was another test: to see how far we could believe in our ability to create. To see how flexible and far our powers of imagination extended. How much had we learnt from this ascension process so far, from this other life underneath it all. It was a liberating dream to be a part of.

We also had great discussions that many beings from afar were tuning into. I got to talk about the nature of belief with those present. How we, as a human race, have limited ourselves over the years with our beliefs and how to let go of them and expand. It was such a relief to be able to discuss these ideas with other souls “in person” for once. By the end of it I found I was in the more experienced end of the spectrum of the participants. This gave me confidence once I awoke that I was heading in the right direction in my spiritual development.

What Does This All Mean?

These two dreams (I believe) refer to the timeline split I hear many people talking about. To test out which one I resonated with the most. To see which way my soul is heading. Both had something to teach me, both were important reflections. I have to say I found it an empowering process. It can be easy to be completely blind to your own progress when you have no-one to reflect this aspect of yourself in your life.

The Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August was actually a tough time for me. I was expecting something other than what I got. It was more deep clearing but it was so deep for a little while I got lost in it again. After a few hours this cleared like a cloud blown away by a strong wind, but in the moment it felt like being back at square one yet again.

So for 4 days later, on August 12th, to have this sandbox of light dream helped to pick me up from the down and disconnected cycles I had found myself in eariler. This dream was what I had been awaiting for. I was heading in the direction of my heart and soul. This realisation brought with it a kind of proud relief. I had made it through a big milestone.

How was the Lion’s Gate for you? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below:



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