The week of the eclipse had an enormous impact on my life. It looks like I may be moving further into the countryside with more land. This will allow me room to keep and tend to more animals and birds. I’m drawn back to the sea. The place I am looking at has a beach on the horizon and it feels like home already.

More and more good people are coming closer into my inner circle. This move of course will also mean a change up to my daily routine as well. It feels like my life is about to shift in a major way. This is the kind of thing that happens only a few times in your life – if you are lucky.

The week started out with us getting a new car (we did not have one before this). We visited the new property mid week, at the end of the week we had our house looked at by an estate agent to work out numbers and to see how fast we could sell etc. So not a lot going on then on eclipse week heh 😉

I knew it was going to be big for me, as well as the world. Taking on that much change has hit us hard this weekend; as we look at everything around us that we have to do to make the house look clean and pretty for buyers. I’m excited though. There is so much potential in the air. I’m doing my best to be open to abundance and to allow the changes to unfurl in my reality.

I’ve seen some signs from my husband that is indicating that he is getting further along with his path of awakening too. We are discussing deeper topics of late. We are developing a strong telepathic connection. We finish each others sentences, have the same thought at the same time, say the same thing at the same time etc. This is nice to see because, no matter how we describe this process to each other, as long as there is understanding of truth and love then it doesn’t matter what words we use. The realization is key.

So that’s about it from me.

How did the Eclipse Energies affect you? I would love to know in the comments below!



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One thought on “Following the Flow of the Great American Eclipse Energies

  1. Saw your avatar on HighHeartLife today and followed it. And was then drawn to:

    “No matter how many barriers you put up, love can still break them all down again when you are ready to open up to it and you meet the right person.”

    I would re-write that one to:

    … first we seek … love outside
    … then we seek … love inside
    … and finally we are … love



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