Oct 2019: The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus

The Higher Light

I had an interesting dream on the eve of the 10:10 portal. It’s hard to remember exactly how the order of events initially began (it was multidimensional), but the summation was an initiation, one my soul had been through before, and the process had roots deep in our human past.

Aspect one: The Victorian


I remember flying over a town. I felt it was maybe in Victorian times on the west coast of England, but it could be several places in Britain. I remember finding an important hat that I had lost a long time ago, and I swooped down to collect it. It was lying in the street and was completely clean.

Aspect two: The hat

FLEECE_BOW_GREY_2_886x1300_5ded21dd-434d-4366-9863-cdf573a4a307_750x1100The best image I could find, but it’s not quite right.

The soft, checkered hat had a round enameled badge on the front that had one of my former names from an important…

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