Reflections on 2016: Following the Flow of My Soul Through the Year of Transition

2016 had it all didn’t it? Perception of time speeding up or slowing down, accelerated energies bombarding us every month, the clearing of past pain over and over again, major life changes, and the awakening of many souls upon Mother Earth.

For me it was the year everything changed and I rediscovered myself. When I dared to admit to my empathic, psychic, and lightworker experiences. When I learned to have faith and follow the flow of my soul no matter where it took me, instead of letting ego rule the roost. Here is my recap of how my soul and my higher self led me through this crazy year: Continue reading “Reflections on 2016: Following the Flow of My Soul Through the Year of Transition”

The 11:11 Energies and Healing My Deepest Soul Wound (Again)


I’ve been reluctant to write about what I’m going to cover in this post because it takes me into a dark and difficult time in my life as Kyna. It also brings up complications in this life that I felt, up until 11:11, I should keep to myself until I have more concrete information. Yet I had a dream the night of 11:11 that threw me such a punch in the soul that I had to write about it to heal all the pain that came up.

For the last few months I’ve been seeing 11:11 everywhere so I had been kind of waiting for this day to pass for some time. I also knew that 11:11 can be a sign of twin flames reuniting, so there was a little part of me that wondered if that was going to be on the cards. And in a round about way it was. I was reuniting with the pain my twin flame had caused me in my life as Kyna. My oldest and deepest soul wound that I have only began to address and heal in the last few years.

Continue reading “The 11:11 Energies and Healing My Deepest Soul Wound (Again)”

The Loneliness of Lightwork and Why I Write Under My Soul Name

Nom De Plume

If you have been following me for a while you will know that Kyna is the name I had in another lifetime that I choose to associate with my spiritual side and soul. The image you see on the welcome page of this website is the closest artist rendition I’ve found to date that depicts how I used to look in my other life.

There is another reason why I write under my soul name though. At the beginning of 2016 I had reached a point where I HAD to start talking about my life as a lightworker otherwise I would have gone crazy trying to hold it in. I believe this was a trigger event from my higher self.

There was no-one in any of my inner circles that I could talk to about this, not even my husband. So I had to let it out another way. I made a decision that I needed to create a pen name so that I could write without holding anything back. It worked but it came at a cost. Continue reading “The Loneliness of Lightwork and Why I Write Under My Soul Name”

How To Get The Benefits of Meditation When Your Mind Races

Struggles with Meditation

I’ve had an on and off again relationship with meditation. Being a lightworker, I’ve sometimes felt that I was lagging behind in my spiritual development because I hadn’t integrated it into my life.

When I was younger I had better success with it. I would have stretches lasting months, sometimes years, where I could keep a regular routine and when I saw some progress from it. I noticed my thoughts quietening a little and other benefits to my life. I would come to a point where I would get out of the habit though and then struggled to reintroduce it into my life again.

How Do You Define Meditation?

The first realisation that had an big impact on me was over a decade ago. It was the idea that my definition of meditation was rather limited. When I thought about “meditation” it conjured up Buddhist monks sitting still in front of a shrine. This is likely because I went to many Buddhist events and retreats with my family as a child and it was my first impression of meditation. It was during these occasions that I began to understand why people meditated in the first place. Continue reading “How To Get The Benefits of Meditation When Your Mind Races”