July Energies: Pealing Off the Lower Layers

July Energies

Compared to June – which was full of energy, direction, achievement, and growth – July has been a very different animal. It has been a difficult month, compared to the ease and flow of the one prior. It feels like we have been pulling the roots on negative behaviors and outlooks tainted by pain. It been ripping off the band aid from my Dark Night of the Soul wounds and picking off the flaking scabs.

I realised yesterday that life has pushed me to improve from many subtle angles of late, so much that I needed to start writing all this out again. For the last 6 months I didn’t need to write from a cathartic point of view. When I found myself bursting into the tears many times this week I knew that I needed a more healthy outlet. I realised that, however I may have described this blog in the past, this was also a place for me to work through this emotional whirlpool that is the path of ascension.

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Summer Solstice Update: The Roller-coaster Ride of Transformation

On the mid-point of the year I’ve felt inspired to do an update post about some of the crazy changes that have occurred in my life so far in 2017. If you have read my home page recently you will have seen that I put up a notice about withdrawing from being online for a while. This was for many reasons, but mostly because my heart and higher self directed it. I had to focus more on my physical life as it was being transformed into something new. I’ve also been experiencing back issues, which has required I retreat from the computer to heal myself.

In 2017 a huge shift took place in my life once again. Over the first half of the year a lot of new things were starting to take shape, as a new life began to take form. New possibilities within IT showing up, new directions for my career change, investing more in my home life, and caring for myself at a higher level. To begin with it was shifting around so much that I didn’t feel I was ready to commit to saying anything in my blog. In fact the urge to write had been almost entirely absent.

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Reflections on 2016: Following the Flow of My Soul Through the Year of Transition

2016 had it all didn’t it? Perception of time speeding up or slowing down, accelerated energies bombarding us every month, the clearing of past pain over and over again, major life changes, and the awakening of many souls upon Mother Earth.

For me it was the year everything changed and I rediscovered myself. When I dared to admit to my empathic, psychic, and lightworker experiences. When I learned to have faith and follow the flow of my soul no matter where it took me, instead of letting ego rule the roost. Here is my recap of how my soul and my higher self led me through this crazy year: Continue reading “Reflections on 2016: Following the Flow of My Soul Through the Year of Transition”

The 11:11 Energies and Healing My Deepest Soul Wound (Again)


I’ve been reluctant to write about what I’m going to cover in this post because it takes me into a dark and difficult time in my life as Kyna. It also brings up complications in this life that I felt, up until 11:11, I should keep to myself until I have more concrete information. Yet I had a dream the night of 11:11 that threw me such a punch in the soul that I had to write about it to heal all the pain that came up.

For the last few months I’ve been seeing 11:11 everywhere so I had been kind of waiting for this day to pass for some time. I also knew that 11:11 can be a sign of twin flames reuniting, so there was a little part of me that wondered if that was going to be on the cards. And in a round about way it was. I was reuniting with the pain my twin flame had caused me in my life as Kyna. My oldest and deepest soul wound that I have only began to address and heal in the last few years.

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