Nov 2019: Deep Clearing of Earth Energies

The Higher Light

I saw a rather hopeful vision of Earth and her energetic state in a dream about a week ago. It was one of those nights where there were tons of intense dreams stacked tightly one after the other. They all had a feel of releasing the old and finishing out traumatic timelines, all but one.

Tilling the fields

I found myself in a house that reminded me of a place I had lived in before but not quite. My husband was there. I remember noticing that the white walls started to get brighter or cleaner, or the light penetrated deeper.

I remember going outside and saw, in the fields across the road, there was someone who reminded me of an old landlord (but again not quite). He was tilling the fields, where you dig up the old earth and make way for planting something new. There was a feeling of…

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Oct 2019: The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus

The Higher Light

I had an interesting dream on the eve of the 10:10 portal. It’s hard to remember exactly how the order of events initially began (it was multidimensional), but the summation was an initiation, one my soul had been through before, and the process had roots deep in our human past.

Aspect one: The Victorian


I remember flying over a town. I felt it was maybe in Victorian times on the west coast of England, but it could be several places in Britain. I remember finding an important hat that I had lost a long time ago, and I swooped down to collect it. It was lying in the street and was completely clean.

Aspect two: The hat

FLEECE_BOW_GREY_2_886x1300_5ded21dd-434d-4366-9863-cdf573a4a307_750x1100The best image I could find, but it’s not quite right.

The soft, checkered hat had a round enameled badge on the front that had one of my former names from an important…

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July 2019: Contact with the Rose Cephalopods

The Higher Light

After class

The night of July 25th, I was in an intense deep sleep state. I was in (or hovering around) a child’s body, maybe 6-8 years old. I was in school with a bunch of my friends the place was always dark no matter what time of day it was. There was a low vibration to the place. However, not knowing any better, we just accepted it.

There was an after school class that my friends and I chose to attend. The teacher was a woman in her late forties, early fifties. She smoked, had curly short hair, and was tall and stocky. The class was supposed to be about creative arts and expression, but it turned into a kind of agony aunt session. She would teach us about not being afraid to be ourselves, both at home and at school. She talked us through some difficulties some in…

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June 2019 Energies: Hearing the Sound of the Earth

The Higher Light

New tone

In the evening of June 1st, I started to hear a resonance wave whilst I was watching TV. To begin with, it felt like the sound of the TV would become slightly louder and then quieter in a regular pattern. Then when the TV was switched off, and I went to bed, I could tell it was a new tone ringing in my ear.

Last year I had an implant operation in one of my ears that had lost most of its ability to conduct sound properly. I’ve had tinnitus since I was six and began slowly losing my hearing when I was 25. So when I heard this new tone, I thought something might have gone wrong with my implant. I had taken a significant knock to the head a couple of days earlier, so I felt concerned it had dislodged something.

However, this didn’t quite sit…

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