As I have a range of different psychic gifts I’ve listed them here in order of strongest first to weakest last. Many of them I have had since birth but some developed later on in my life.

  • Empath: I pick up on other people’s emotions and feelings as if they are my own. I’m almost too good at this as I’m still learning how to recognize when I’m influenced by someone else and how to counteract that. I’m good at telling when it’s coming from a negative entity but when it’s a more subtle or complex energy I still have some work to do.
  • Automatic Writing: I began channeling my higher self and spirit guides in 2000. At first I thought I was researching characters for my fictional novels but after a decade I realised that I had been channeling instead. This practice helped to reawaken my psychic gifts after many years of trying to deny and shut them down.
  • Claircognizance: Through automatic writing my claircognizance ability skyrocketed. By channeling in this way on a regular basis my intuition was fine tuned and by learning to follow it I developed a close relationship with my higher self. As a result I get messages daily to help guide me through my life. They can be subtle and small nudges sometimes, but I can see their benefit given enough time.
  • Clairsentience: I feel other people’s moods. I can sense when someone is happy or sad. I can tell if someone isn’t saying something in alignment with what they feel. I can feel the rage when someone is angry at me. It bombards me like a blast of radiation. Clairsentience is one of the ways I can sense a spirit in a building or a dream. I can feel where the spirit is dwelling, or places of high emotion in the spirit’s lifetime. I get goosebumps and a dense feeling in my gut when a spirit enters the room, or when I enter a room that a spirit is in. I can look at a photograph or painting and feel what the person was feeling at the time. I can look into an animal’s eyes and feel their pain. My clairsentience often works in tandem with my empathic abilities and the line between them blurs a bit.
  • Astral Projection: Ever since I remember having dreams I’ve been astral traveling. When I was young I used to watch myself float out of my body at night, down the stairs, out the door and off to wherever I was going. During this time I have experienced other people’s trauma as if I inhabited their body. I’ve traveled the world to witness and help empower women in places where they were down trodden and enslaved. I’ve met my spirit guides and other astral travelers on many occasions. I’ve also used it to help work through my karma and to develop on my spiritual path. I feel more myself when I’m in the astral realm. It feels a natural state of being to me. Yet because of this I’m not aware of how I achieve astral projection. Also since the summer of 2016 I limited my recall because I asked my spirit guides to reduce the negative impact astral travelling was having on me. I was experiencing a kind of jet lag whenever I returned to 3D after being in the astral realms. I found reducing how much I remembered helped with this transition so I could get on with my day better.
  • Psychometry and Mediumship: I am sometimes able to pick up energetic impressions from objects and in particular from houses. I can tell if there has been a positive or negative history within the property (and the surrounding land) and if there are any spirits still dwelling there. This is something I’ve had all my life and it works in both the dream and awakened state.
  • Telepathy: With a few people that I’ve had a strong connection with I’ve been able to develop a telepathic connection. We would have the exact same thoughts, or do the exact same thing, at the exact same time. An image would form in my mind and then someone else would describe it to me, or visa versa. I’m also good at finishing other people’s sentences or finding words that are on the tip of their tongue. I’ve even spooked out or amazed people by doing this. I use this ability also to communicate with animals to help reduce stress, send them love, and inform them about what I’m about to do etc. I am in constant telepathic communication with one of my spirit guides as well.
  • Clairaudience: When I turned six I began hearing voices when I felt asleep, as well as constant ringing in my ears. At the time it scared me and after a year I began to shutdown my connection to these other realms. I often think someone is calling my name from another room only to find out that the only people in the house didn’t do it. I’ve also heard voices and noises in some haunted houses I’ve visited. In 2016 as I began to open up about my abilities as a lightworker my clairaudience began to return. I now hear random voices as I drift of to sleep again. Sometimes I recognise them as my spirit guides, other voices are new to me.
  • Clairvoyance: I have a limited clairvoyant ability. I feel it taxes me quite a lot to see a spirit I’m communicating with. Often I will just get an outline or a sense, such as hair colour, gender, age etc. Sometimes in my dreams I don’t see spirits or entities at all and I only know they are there because of the energy they are giving off that I can sense. When I get into the automatic writing flow this ability get stronger for a little while and I can see a lot more detail. It’s hard for me to keep it up for long periods of time. It’s easier for me to write down dictation than imagine the scene. I keep trying though when I can to strengthen my clairvoyant muscles bit by bit. The first few years of my life my clairvoyance was at a high level. I could see my spirit guides almost as clear as I could the other human beings around me. I could I could go back and forth along timelines in my head. When forced to focus on the 3D level of reality to the exclusion of all else, this ability left me pretty quick. I kept it going for as long as I could. I sometimes wonder what I would see now if I had that kind of power of sight now. In 2016 I began seeing blue and white flashing lights on a regular basis, which I understand is a sign it is improving; even though it a mere fraction of what I used to be able to do as a child.