Looking back on my early years I believe I was very in-tune as a young child. I used to astral travel in my dreams practically every night and I would openly talk to entities that I knew the adults around me could not see or hear. For a while they dismissed it as my overactive imagination.

When I hit 4 my parents felt I was too old for all this and became very insistent that I renounce my ‘imaginary friends’ and focus exclusively on their (3D) level of reality. For a long time I openly resisted and protested, but it got me no-where. Nobody around me understood.

In the end I made a secret pact with myself: I would act as they wanted in public, but inside my mind I would never let go of my gifts or my connection to these other realms. I knew this was terribly important somehow even though I didn’t know why. This is when my double life began.

When I was 5 I lived with my grandparents for a little while and soon found that I was sharing my bedroom with a demon. Although I had had my fair share of nightmares before this, my short time in that house was incredibly intense and draining. I experienced sleep paralysis and night terrors for the first time. It would often sit on the end of my bed to frighten me, and would try to prevent me from returning to my body when I astral traveled.

As I knew no-one would believe me it became the ideal training ground for me to learn how to hide that side of myself from the unsuspecting adults. However it took a real toll on my energy levels, mindset, and general health. Thankfully the demon seemed to be either bound to someone, or something, else so that when I left it didn’t appear to follow me – except perhaps in a dream much later in my life.

Between the age of 6-7 I began to hear voices as I fell asleep, along with a loud ringing in my right ear, and became very afraid of the whole process. I felt unprotected in a sea of negativity. It reminded me too much of my time with the demon, even though I knew the source was different. I finally had enough. I began blocking out the voices/ringing with music and denying that side of my self. My gifts slowly dwindled due to lack of use. Despite this I still had a number of experiences with spirits over the years, both positive and negative (including a poltergeist).

In 2000 I had an awakening experience during the Grand Planetary Alignment that began the long process of recovering my memories from another lifetime. I had crossed paths with a soul that I had known in my other life, even though I didn’t know this at the time. I believe this was a trigger event for me to come back in touch with my true self; instead of identifying with the mask that I had learnt to present to others.

To begin with I thought I was being inspired to write a really interesting story, it didn’t occur to me until over a decade that this was a ‘previous life‘. This process got me on a path to develop as a writer. I worked on a series of novels for over 12 years, but in 2013 I stopped as my schedule became rather busy.

In the beginning of Jan 2016 I had a revelation that strongly confirmed that Kyna and I were one and the same. I realised I did not need to write the novels in order to evolve spiritually and honor my higher self. I decided to live it instead. I began opening up about my life as Kyna and what it was like being a lightworker (or a light bearer as I prefer to call it). I feel like my Kyna’s Way blog was born out of letting go of the baggage that I was still holding onto as old Kyna. An essential part of the ascension process. It allowed me to reach a point where I could create this space for a new Kyna to emerge; as a teacher and healer instead.

This is the journal of my transformation…


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