What I Offer

You can read my Light Bearer blog Empathic Healing, my Shadow Worker blog Decondition, and my initial work at Kyna’s Way.

I’ve started working on my first online course called:
Invest in Your Intuition
The Beginner’s Guide to Automatic Writing and Claircognizance

Note: I am suspending work on my intuition course and my social media accounts until at least Oct 2017.

I’m in the process of developing my healing and empathic gifts in order to care for birds on a local level. I’m also having some back issues that requires I honor my body more with rest. This means that I need to step back from some of the projects I started in 2016.

To look after my back during this time I am cutting out all non-essential computer time. I’m going to use this time as a kind of online retreat as it’s becoming clear this is something I need right now.

So if you contact me during this time (beyond email) I may not get back to you until I return to the online world again. Happy 2017 everyone and see you soon! Kyna 😀